Are you managing RFPs (Requests for Proposals) issued by K-12 school districts, or are they managing you? Dealing with RFPs is a challenge every K-12 sales professional faces, usually in a reactive mode and under intense time pressure. Here are timely tips to get you ahead of the game and enhance your chance for RFP success!
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Your School Market Success
Do you have a roadmap to guide your school sales, activities and investments? A solid school-market sales plan has six components, not to be overlooked.

A Really Special K-12 Sales Opportunity!

K-12 Special EducationConsidering ways to grow your K-12 sales? Scanning the market for new opportunities with school administrators? Look no further than the rapidly developing market for products that meet the needs of students with different kinds of minds!  Educators are hungry for instructional resources adapted to the needs of all students. Those companies that adopt an inclusionary mindset will be winners!
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How to Get a Bigger Slice of the K-12 Sales Pie

K-12 Market SegmentsReally focusing your sales and marketing plan may seem counterintuitive. But doing the hard work to choose the right slice of the K-12 market pie is not only a good idea, it is an essential success factor unless you have unlimited resources. Segment analysis and target marketing is all about people and making the right connections. Here are some valuable tips and practical advice you can take to the bank.
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Selling to Schools with Independent Reps and Resellers

K-12 Sales ChannelsWhat's the best way to sell to schools? It's the focus of this web site and it is the topic of most interest for everyone who wants to succeed in the education market. Many newcomers would like to find a low-cost entry, and the idea of using independent reps or resellers is popular. What have we learned about this sales approach? What do you need to know to be successful working with third party channels?
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A Fantastic Education Marketing Program: An Army of Students Selling Your Product

Marketing to schools studentsThe ultimate strategy for marketing to schools is to use your customers as a channel. This strategy has been used successfully for many companies that sell to schools. Now, here's is a flavor that you may not have heard of before. It's a spin on using student reps that has the potential to create excitement and elevate your brand to the top of the heap.
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