Content Marketing may be the best way to propel your company to the top of the K-12 market. Proven to attract and engage educators,it could even mean the end to cold calling and endless sales cycles. Do you want to boost your sales and become a market leader? Read this article carefully!
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Independent Sales Reps: For You?
Using independent sales reps sounds like an ideal solution. You pay a commission after they make the sale. It's a low overhead way to sell to schools, or is it?

K-12 Sales Manifesto: Good-Bye Transactions. Hello Lifetime Value!

K-12 SalesBuyers and sellers alike are experiencing major changes in the K-12 school market. As we shift away from textbooks and software delivered on plastic to cloud-delivered learning services, managers at companies that serve the market and administrators who run our schools are feeling their way through the fog. One thing's for sure, how we value customers and how we budget to acquire them must change. It's do or die.
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Five Keys to RFP Success in the K-12 School Market

K-12 Special Education

RFPs (Request for Proposals) are a fact of life for anyone who sells to schools. And, experienced K-12 sales and marketingprofessionals will tell you, chasing RFPs can be a "rat hole" unless you have a policy and set of procedures in place to manage the. Here are five timely tips, and more, to help you navigate sometimes rough RFP waters and save yourself a lot of time and frustration.
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PTOs and PTAs: Could They Ignite Your Education Marketing Plan?

Do you think PTOs and PTAs could help sell your product or service to schools? Yes, these organizations can be a great resource in your plan for marketing to schools, but they can also be maddeningly enigmatic. What works and what doesn't when connecting with parent organizations?
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K-12 Sales Strategy: The Ten Deadly Sins You Must Avoid

sales persons teaserBuilding sales channels for the K-12 school market, whether your own sales reps or with channel partners, has always been a challenge. Now, with a budget crunch and pressure on sales, there is urgency to fix the distribution problem, and to improve channel efficiency and effectiveness. But how do you avoid costly mistakes?
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