Channel marketing could be one of the best sales boosting strategies for companies that sell products and services to K-12 schools. Even so, this proven method has been mostly ignored by our industry, overshadowed by content and social media marketing. Are we unaware, afraid, or looking for advice about how channel marketing could impact our sales reps?
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How to Win More RFPs
Here are five timely sales tips, and more, to help you navigate sometimes rough school-market RFP waters and save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

PTOs and PTAs: Could They Ignite Your Education Marketing Plan?

Do you think PTOs and PTAs could help sell your product or service to schools? Yes, these organizations can be a great resource in your plan for marketing to schools, but they can also be maddeningly enigmatic. What works and what doesn't when connecting with parent organizations?
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K-12 Sales: From Pilot to Adoption

It's a huge education marketing and K-12 sales challenge. A school district agrees to experiment with your product, maybe with a small opening order. A few classrooms will be a test lab. How do you ensure that this product pilot leads to a big sale with widespread use that drives customer loyalty, referrals and market share?
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The Hidden Challenge Facing Education Industry Managers

K-12 SalesHow will your company grow and prosper in the "new normal" K-12 sales environment? An important strategy is a focus on helping your customers and prospects manage change, perhaps a hidden challenge. Three big changes are impacting your customers' decisions right now: here are four steps you can take today to move along the pathway of success.
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An Advisory Council: Make It Part of Your Education Marketing Plan

How would you like to pick up the phone or dash off an email and get reliable feedback on your sales pitch, or some suggestions for your education marketing strategies and programs? You can do that, and much more, by investing in an educator advisory council as part of your school marketing plan.
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