The 2017 Ed Tech Job Market

SellingToSchools 2017 EdTech Market View

STS Publisher Glen McCandless Unpacks the Latest Jobs, Hiring and Ed Tech Industry Trends on STS Radio

ATLANTA, GA (February 2, 2017) — Educational technology sales and marketing experts Focus Marketing Inc. today announced the annual Ed Tech Trends and Job Report radio program 11:00 AM ET, February 16, 2017.   Now in its fifth year, the 2017 broadcast on SellingToSchools radio gives listeners the pulse of ed tech based on observations at the FETC educational technology conference. FETC is one of the largest industry events of the year where thousands of ed tech sales professionals and managers exhibit and network.     

The 20-minute 2017 Ed Tech Job and Career Trends broadcast is hosted by industry sales and marketing veteran Glen McCandless. Glen is founder and publisher of SellingToSchools. Glen's special guest each year for this industry health check is Mark Phillips, founder of HireEducation, the leading recruiting firm serving the sales talent needs of the ed tech industry.  The podcast will be available 24/7 beginning 12 noon ET on February 16, 2017 through the SellingToSchools radio archive.    

McCandless discusses a range of topics with Phillips each year following FETC, including hiring and compensation trends, demand for sales professionals, geographic patterns, channels, and the hot solutions that are driving talent acquisition.  Hiring activity is a leading indicator of the health of the ed tech industry, so sales professionals seeking career advancement as well as company managers hoping to attract the top sales talent get valuable insights from this program that are not available anywhere else.

"The radio program with Glen is one of the highlights of the year for me," said Mark Phillips, president of HireEducation. "Glen and I share decades of experience in the ed tech industry and our collective insights provide a unique perspective and outlook for ed tech jobs, hiring, channel strategies and the overall health of the sector."

The Ed Tech Industry Trends and Jobs broadcast is just one of many offerings from the SellingtoSchools online channels which include STS Radio, STS LinkedIn, STS SlideShare and the content hub These sites continue to offer, for free, valuable insight and strategies for marketing and selling to educators-- with a focus on sales and marketing topics essential to education-industry professionals. There is no other source as comprehensive as SellingToSchools.

"I am especially grateful for the continuing contributions of Mark Phillips and many other experts in our industry who freely contribute their time and expertise to SellingToSchools content channels. We're working together to help ed tech industry professionals achieve their business goals for selling products and services to K-12 schools," said Glen McCandless.

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