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Selling To Schools (STS) uniquely delivers the information and strategic guidance need to successfully sell and promote products and services to educators from the district office to the classroom. We offer free expert insight, timely tips, insider information, and other great resources to help you succeed!

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Who Are the Thought Leaders Behind Selling To Schools?

What began as a one-page quarterly newsletter in 1995 sent via snail mail by Glen McCandless, President and Founder of Focus Marketing, Inc., to a few hundred education-company executives is now a vast, ever-expanding online learning network trusted by thousands of education sales and marketing professionals.

Over the years, many education-industry professionals have contributed articles, presentations and other content to Selling To Schools to create a rich library of timely, useful information about the PreK-12 education market and how to most effectively engage with educators.

Agile Education MarketingNow on the verge of retirement, Glen is transitioning responsibility for Selling to Schools to long-time partner Agile Education Marketing, the leading provider of preK-12 – higher education data and marketing solutions. Agile is excited to continue Glen’s tradition of providing free resources and market intelligence to help education businesses be successful, faster.

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Your time is precious! If you sell any type of product or service to schools you know it can be a challenging, slow, and sometimes frustrating process. Success in the education marketplace requires patience, but above all it requires quick, reliable, and easy access to a source of critical market information and sales advice that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. It's important to know where sales opportunities are and how to avoid the "landmines" that are all around them, everywhere you step! Selling To Schools is that trusted resource you can turn to anytime to find answers, ideas and information. Signup now and start getting information you can use.

STS Is the Go-to Source for Free, Practical Education Sales and Marketing Insight

At its core, STS is a one-of-a-kind web site filled with actionable education sales and marketing information that is yours for free. You have instant access to a continuously updated library of practical advice, insight, and strategies, amassed over the past decade, contributed by the education industry's most experienced and successful sales and marketing experts.

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You can stay connected to STS in all kinds of ways. Just look to the right of your screen and you'll see links to the STS Internet radio station, STS social networking sites, and other extensions that make it easy for you to tap into expert advice through whatever channel works best for you.

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Today, thousands of busy education sales and marketing professionals and company executives rely on STS to alert them to timely school market research and practical insight on how to sell to educators. Many companies use STS as their company's professional development and sales training platform. Why do so many education-industry professionals use STS?  Because they can't afford to waste time searching for accurate market information or trying unproven strategies.

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P.S. Your suggestions for improving Selling To Schools are welcomed and appreciated. Please email us with your ideas or, if you have questions or would like additional information about PreK-12 education sales and marketing, feel free to give us a call 866.783.0241, ext. 150.

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