HOT NEWS: New EdTech Distribution Study!

HOT NEWS: EdTech Distribution Study!

STS Publisher Glen McCandless Captures Highlights of 2017 Study of EdTech Distribution Trends and Opportunities

You may be here on the SellingToSchools web site (or visiting one of the related STS channels) like many others… searching for a way to enter the K-12 market, hoping to find sales reps, looking for something miraculous to give you better access to the educators who might buy your products. Entrepreneurs leading ed tech start ups come here confused or frustrated about how to sell more of their educational products to schools. What about you?  Yes, STS is packed with the best advice you can get, all for free.

If you are looking for insights about K-12 distribution, channels and sales, here’s some HOT NEWS: a new study with some meaty information that may be of great value to you. The key findings and analysis is now ready for your listening pleasure, a 15 minute podcast on the STS talk radio network. Glen McCandless, STS publisher interviews guest Jim McGarry, president of EDMarket Association. You’ll also hear how to download your own copy of this valuable report for free!

EDtech Distribution in an Evolving Marketplace is a new study by researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The report, published by EDMarket Association and sponsored in part by Stages Learning Materials, provides the most current information available on the shifting nature of the K-12 market for EDtech products.

The study reveals new partnering options and also presents evidence that established channels are evolving. Even as the industry relies on the traditional direct sales model, managers of educational technology companies are increasingly using hybrid channels, a variety of resources and methods to sell to schools.

One of those emerging resources are the Educational Service Agencies.  The key central organizational resources that support school districts in many states, ESAs (sometimes called Educational Service Centers or ESCs) are evolving from their roots as training and professional development centers to providing a range of centralized, shared services, and also evaluating and testing new products. Some ESAs are working with developers and actually reselling products or acting as buying cooperatives.  ESAs are becoming a valuable channel option.  You'll hear more on the STS radio program, so listen in now!