Reinvent How You Sell to Schools

Guide to Education Marketing SuccessHow districts and schools are structured, make decisions, and purchase products doesn’t always fit neatly into standard CRM, marketing management and accounting systems. That’s where Campus comes in.

Campus, from Agile Education Marketing, is the only education-specific business management system that combines all these tools and gives you access to Agile’s extensive database of K-12 districts, schools and personnel to power your sales and marketing campaigns.

Download the Campus playbook to learn how you can use Campus to streamline every stage of the education purchasing cycle:   

  • Instantly access contact information for 149,000 K-12 institutions and more than 4.4 million educators, and import customers currently in your CRM.
  • Design, send and track email outreach and inbound marketing campaigns for lead generation.
  • Score leads and track engagement through your sales funnel with real-time web traffic monitoring.
  • Generate proposals and invoices to accelerate the sales cycle.

Ready to Learn More?

Campus can help you streamline and speed up the long education sales cycle. If you'd like to grow your education business, Campus is the key. See for yourself with a quick 20-minute demo. Schedule yours today!