See What Educators Read

bookA number of magazines and newspapers serve K-12 educators, and many of them focus on or have regular features about educational technology. Here are descriptions and links to the major publications that serve the school market.


eSchool News is the K-12 decision-maker's technology and Internet newspaper. Each monthly issue is read by school administrators who make the authoritative call on how and where the nation's school technology dollars will be spent. Includes feature stories, news, product reviews, special reports, and much more. eSchool News provides the news and information to help readers make the best decisions about technology for their schools.

District Administration focuses on new multimedia instructional resources, with special appeal to the school administrator. The editorial content focuses on what is new in the curriculum, including technology. Each issue includes feature articles, product information, classroom applications, advice, data, research findings, and new product listings.

PTO Today is the magazine for America's 80,000 K-8 parent-teacher groups. Published five times each school year, the magazine focuses exclusively on the work of these often overlooked groups. Frequent topic areas include fund-raising, parent involvement in education, playgrounds, school-home technology, and more.

Technology and Learning is a leading publication that covers the use of computers and related technologies in K-12 education. The publication includes feature articles, news, product reviews, and commentary by journalists, former educators, parents, event planners, and supporters of advancing the integration of technology into schools and K-12 curricula.

Converge covers all the education markets from pre-K through adult lifelong learning. This monthly publication for high-level decision-makers presents feature articles about educational leaders, solutions, and expert advice on how technology can be utilized to bring about better results for students of all ages. Converge also covers conferences and expositions for educational technology and presents statistics and facts on technology in education.

Education Week, a weekly tabloid newspaper, and Teacher, a monthly magazine, cover both K-12 and higher education. The journals include in-depth news stories, features, commentaries, and special reports on critical and timely issues in education. The website is an excellent source of current news and information about the education markets.

T.H.E. Journal is a forum in which administrators and managers in K-12 and community colleges and industry training share their experience in the use of technology-based educational aids. Includes product profiles, calendar, news, book reviews, and feature articles from readers.