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Success in selling educational technology requires ongoing professional development. There has always been a heavy emphasis on product knowledge and face-to-face interaction with potential customers. But not enough is done to provide the training needed to develop world-class sales reps and sales managers. STS is the ideal professional development platform, providing solid advice from K-12 market experts who know how to develop a strategic sales plan, how to sell to schools, how educators decide what to buy, and who they will do business with.

Principal Purchasing: The Ins and Outs

principal purchasingHow do schools make purchases? What's the process and who's involved? Principal Jennifer Little shares the ins and outs of how principals make decisions, when they buy, and more! Listen to what the principal has to say

Sales Secrets Revealed: How K-12 School Districts Make Buying Decisions

K-12 sales secretsHow, why, and when K-12 district administrators make buying decisions depends on their needs, priorities, local politics, budget impact, the type of product or service being offered and, most importantly, relationships. It's a complex market but veteran K-12 sales person, Glen McCandless, does have a few secrets to share!

Building Relationships of Trust: From the Office to the Classroom

building trust with educatorsNo matter who we are or what we do, trust plays an important role in our relationships with others. When it comes to selling to schools, trust matters even more. Educator Meredith Biesinger shares her thoughts about how education businesses can build rapport and trust with the administrators and teachers they're selling to. Learn more about the role trust plays in the education sales cycle

3 Hot K-12 Trends and Implications for Ed Tech Sales and Marketing

Edtech trends for 2018What are the trends in K-12 education you need to be aware of as we head into the new year? Selling To Schools founder, Glen McCandless, takes a look at data from the 2017 K-12 Horizon Report and has identified three trends that are likely to have the biggest impact on your business. Check out Glen's predictions

To Influence the Biggest Decisions, Reach Out to the Ones Not Making Them

influencers of school purchasingIt's a natural assumption that the person we need to reach when marketing and selling to schools is the person who signs the PO. While that person obviously wields a lot of power, they are rarely (if ever) the only person involved in the purchasing decision. Connecting with influencers is critical to success in education sales. Are you ignoring people who could make or break a sale for you?

Landmines Every New K-12 Sales Rep Must Avoid

The K-12 education market isn't an easy one to jump in and start selling to. The decision-making process can seem convoluted, who makes decisions is different from district to district, and understanding the complex needs of schools can be a challenge to get your head wrapped around. If you're new to selling to schools, get a few pointers from an experienced K-12 sales manager.

Converting Prospects to Loyal Customers: Making the Most of Marketing Automation

marketing automationAs common as it is, marketing automation is often poorly understood, and this means that its power is often under utilized. Automation helps marketers greatly streamline their efforts and realize greater efficiency in converting interested prospects to qualified leads to loyal customers. Maximize your ROI in marketing automation!

Teachers Have the Purchasing Power (More Than You May Realize)

Teacher purchasing powerThe role teachers play in school purchasing is often overlooked because they aren't usually the ones signing a purchase order. However, teachers inform and influence nearly every major purchase that happens in their schools. Discover the untaped purchasing power of teachers!

Selling to School Districts: the Unhittable Pinata?

Selling to School DistrictsSelling to school districts may seem like the pinata game. You swing wildly hoping to get access to the candy inside. But for newcomers and veterans alike, trying to engage with district decision makers oft feels like we are blindfolded. How can you remove the blinders and see how to win the game? Is it possible to reliably and consistently get the reward you deserve for your wonderful product and your good efforts?
Get in the swing now!

K-12 Channel Marketing: A Lost Art and Opportunity

K-12 SalesContent marketing is all the rage. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, tried and proven channel marketing programs are out to pasture. K-12 sales and marketing managers don't understand the concept, have not fully embraced it, or are afraid to make the move. Here's a really easy move to make. Take ten minutes to read this article and discover the amazing power of channel marketing programs to boost your sales.

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