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Success in selling educational technology requires ongoing professional development. There has always been a heavy emphasis on product knowledge and face-to-face interaction with potential customers. But not enough is done to provide the training needed to develop world-class sales reps and sales managers. STS is the ideal professional development platform, providing solid advice from K-12 market experts who know how to develop a strategic sales plan, how to sell to schools, how educators decide what to buy, and who they will do business with.

Landmines Every New K-12 Sales Rep Must Avoid

The K-12 education market isn't an easy one to jump in and start selling to. The decision-making process can seem convoluted, who makes decisions is different from district to district, and understanding the complex needs of schools can be a challenge to get your head wrapped around. If you're new to selling to schools, get a few pointers from an experienced K-12 sales manager.

Converting Prospects to Loyal Customers: Making the Most of Marketing Automation

marketing automationAs common as it is, marketing automation is often poorly understood, and this means that its power is often under utilized. Automation helps marketers greatly streamline their efforts and realize greater efficiency in converting interested prospects to qualified leads to loyal customers. Maximize your ROI in marketing automation!

Teachers Have the Purchasing Power (More Than You May Realize)

Teacher purchasing powerThe role teachers play in school purchasing is often overlooked because they aren't usually the ones signing a purchase order. However, teachers inform and influence nearly every major purchase that happens in their schools. Discover the untaped purchasing power of teachers!

Selling to School Districts: the Unhittable Pinata?

Selling to School DistrictsSelling to school districts may seem like the pinata game. You swing wildly hoping to get access to the candy inside. But for newcomers and veterans alike, trying to engage with district decision makers oft feels like we are blindfolded. How can you remove the blinders and see how to win the game? Is it possible to reliably and consistently get the reward you deserve for your wonderful product and your good efforts?
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K-12 Channel Marketing: A Lost Art and Opportunity

K-12 SalesContent marketing is all the rage. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, tried and proven channel marketing programs are out to pasture. K-12 sales and marketing managers don't understand the concept, have not fully embraced it, or are afraid to make the move. Here's a really easy move to make. Take ten minutes to read this article and discover the amazing power of channel marketing programs to boost your sales.

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K-12 Sales Manifesto: Good-Bye Transactions. Hello Lifetime Value!

K-12 SalesBuyers and sellers alike are experiencing major changes in the K-12 school market. As we shift away from textbooks and software delivered on plastic to cloud-delivered learning services, managers at companies that serve the market and administrators who run our schools are feeling their way through the fog. One thing's for sure, how we value customers and how we budget to acquire them must change. It's do or die.
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Five Keys to RFP Success in the K-12 School Market

K-12 Special Education

RFPs (Request for Proposals) are a fact of life for anyone who sells to schools. And, experienced K-12 sales and marketingprofessionals will tell you, chasing RFPs can be a "rat hole" unless you have a policy and set of procedures in place to manage the. Here are five timely tips, and more, to help you navigate sometimes rough RFP waters and save yourself a lot of time and frustration.
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An Exclusive Agreement: Will It Drive Your Education Sales Goal?

K-12 Sales ChannelsThe decision to do an exclusive distribution deal is one of the toughest choices that education-market managers must make. How do you evaluate the pros and cons of a K-12 sales agreement that puts all your eggs in one basket? What benefits might you get, and what should you be prepared to give up?
The pros and cons of exclusivity

Selling to Schools with Independent Reps and Resellers

K-12 Sales ChannelsWhat's the best way to sell to schools? It's the focus of this web site and it is the topic of most interest for everyone who wants to succeed in the education market. Many newcomers would like to find a low-cost entry, and the idea of using independent reps or resellers is popular. What have we learned about this sales approach? What do you need to know to be successful working with third party channels?
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K-12 Sales: From Pilot to Adoption

It's a huge education marketing and K-12 sales challenge. A school district agrees to experiment with your product, maybe with a small opening order. A few classrooms will be a test lab. How do you ensure that this product pilot leads to a big sale with widespread use that drives customer loyalty, referrals and market share?
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