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Who Does What in Schools and Districts?

school job titlesThere are a lot of different players in the education market and to be successful selling to schools you need to know who's involved in purchasing decisions for products like yours. Take a look at some of the more common roles and responsibilities education professionals have at the school and the district level and use the information to refine your sales and marketing strategies

Seasons of Success: Mastering the Education Marketing Cycle

education marketing cycleWhen it comes to selling to schools, timing really is everything. Sounds like a cliché? Consider this: 60-70% of education purchases are made for the coming school year during the summer. So when should you be marketing to educators and what kind of information do they need throughout the year to guide them toward purchase? Get a handle on the ed marketing calendar!

The Ins and Outs of ESSA and What The Law Means for Edtech

educational technology in the classroomESSA, the still new federal law that replaces the No Child Left Behind Act, has many provisions that, if taken advantage of, could fundamentally change the old, teach-to-the-middle approach to teaching and learning still so prevalent today. ESSA is a disruptive policy innovation that provides states and districts more funding and flexibility to use breakthrough education technology. Get schooled about ESSA and edtech!

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Education Marketing Buck

How to spend your education marketing budgetWhether you're a startup or a large education company, you likely don't have the luxury of an unlimited marketing budget. So where should you use your precious marketing dollars to gain the most visibility and generate the most qualified leads? Keep reading for the answer to this burning question!

Target a Growing Market for Growing Learners: Opportunities in Early Childhood Education

early childhood marketResearch confirms the importance of early learning in shaping students’ success in elementary school and beyond. A stronger focus on early childhood education at the federal, state and district level opens up new opportunities for your business, so don’t get left behind! Take a look at the early childhood market

August 2017 Update: Federal Education Funding for FY17 & FY18

email marketing to educatorsThere has been much uncertainty surrounding the federal education budget for the 2017-18 school year. Here’s what education vendors and marketers need to know about the federal budget at this moment. Dig into the numbers!

Is Email an Effective Sales Tool in Education?

email marketing to educatorsYou may think that generating leads through email is a responsibility reserved for the marketing team. Think again. These days, sales and marketing go hand-in-hand, and email can benefit both departments. And despite claims that email is dead, it continues to be one of the top channels to engage with educators. Get the facts!

Content Marketing: Why It Matters for Your K-12 Sales

K-12 Special Education

Content Marketing is a well-proven strategy for attracting and engaging with educators, yet many managers of companies who want to boost their sales to schools or grab market share don't fully commit. It may be time to take another look at the many ways Content Marketing can attract an educator audience and drive K-12 sales. New insight may convince you to try or to recharge your approach to this very important component for success.
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