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Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Focus Marketing: Your STS Sponsor!

Focus Marketing, publisher and creator of SellingToSchools.com and the STS online community, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a thank you party in Atlanta, GA  October 5th - in conjunction with the annual EdNet Industry Conference. Glen McCandless, president of Focus Marketing and editor of SellingToSchools.com welcomes clients, partners, friends and guests for a big thank you for twenty incredible years of being at the front lines of ed tech innovation.
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K-12 Sales: When Will STEM Bear Fruit?

STEM was going to be HOT - or so we thought. Now that 2013 K-12 sales are in, we still don't see evidence to suggest that STEM heated up sales of science supplementals to schools. But what about other curriculum areas you might be planning for now? What do the tea leaves suggest for supplemental sales as we head into another tight budget year in the K-12 school market?
Supplemental sales data here

New Sales Trends for Professional Development Services

As we experience a shift from a product-centric sales model to selling services, the market for PD (professional development) services is a focal point for managers of companies that sell to educators. What are the hot areas for PD delivery? For what topics are educators feeling the need for training and services from the supplier community? Here's the latest insight!
Professional Development Market trends revealed

Education Marketing Alert: 2012 Education Budget Outlook

Where are school budgets headed for 2012 and beyond? Can you expect improvements that will positively impact your K-12 sales? After three years of persistent recession, many companies that serve the education market are feeling the pain. Nobody knows more about this than Dr. Richard Sims, Chief Economist for the National Education Association. View his presentation from the December 2011 Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) Ed Tech Business Forum.

2012 Sales Outlook for RTI Solutions

New data from Education Market Research indicates that the demand for reading solutions for Response to Intervention (RTI) is still growing, and is growing faster in certain regions of the United States than others. Here's the latest update on the RTI market.
Get a read on the RTI market

The 2012 Job Market for K-12 Sales Professionals

Do you want to stay on top of the latest trends in the K-12 industry job market? Here is a podcast with the latest information about the 2012 job market for sales professionals who serve the school market.

2012 Ed Tech Market Forecast

Want to know what ed-tech products and services educators plan to purchase over the coming months? Take 15 minutes to listen to the most important trends and insights from the 2012 Ed Tech Market Forecast from the Center for Digital Education.