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Promoting and Marketing Curriculum for Varied Instruction

school market translation guideThe K-12 school market can seem like a foreign land at first. 20-year teacher-librarian Teresa Marchant helps decode the language of educators and provides insight into a few of the things you need to take into consideration when developing and selling products for the school market. Check out Teresa's translation guide for ed vendors

What the Facebook Apocalypse Means to EDU Marketing

Facebook algorithm changesFacebook has announced new changes to their algorithm that will change how businesses can interact with customers on Facebook. Does this mean the end of Facebook as a way to connect with educators? Becca Ryan with EMC7 thinks not, but you will need to innovate. Get her advice and recommendations

5 Ways to Recruit K-12 Education Sales Reps

recruiting education sales reps“How do I find and hire great people to sell my product to schools?” That's the question Selling To Schools founder Glen McCandless answers with five great strategies for finding the right people to represent your company and help build your business. Take a look at his advice

Building Relationships of Trust: From the Office to the Classroom

building trust with educatorsNo matter who we are or what we do, trust plays an important role in our relationships with others. When it comes to selling to schools, trust matters even more. Educator Meredith Biesinger shares her thoughts about how education businesses can build rapport and trust with the administrators and teachers they're selling to. Learn more about the role trust plays in the education sales cycle

Personalized Learning: Are You Personalizing Your Product Development?

personalized learning opportunities in the ed marketPersonalized learning, or individualized instruction, is one of the hottest topics in education today. However, few schools are currently equipped to individualize the learning experience for all students due to a lack of tools, training, and resources. This creates an opportunity for education vendors. Learn how to get ahead of the curve and help support personalized learning with your products

Teachers are people too.

teachers are people tooConnecting with teachers as people is critical to building trust and opening dialogue. When it comes to social media, or any other marketing channel, make sure your guiding principles are honesty and integrity. When you want them to learn how to buy your product, don't pretend that's not what you want. Treat teachers like you want to be treated

More Than a Handshake: How to Really Connect with Educators at Conferences

conference marketingIt's conference season again in the K-12 education market. Before you and your sales team hit the road, check out these best practices to ensure authentic interactions on the show floor and a healthy list of leads to take home. Hone your conference marketing skills!

3 Hot K-12 Trends and Implications for Ed Tech Sales and Marketing

Edtech trends for 2018What are the trends in K-12 education you need to be aware of as we head into the new year? Selling To Schools founder, Glen McCandless, takes a look at data from the 2017 K-12 Horizon Report and has identified three trends that are likely to have the biggest impact on your business. Check out Glen's predictions

To Influence the Biggest Decisions, Reach Out to the Ones Not Making Them

influencers of school purchasingIt's a natural assumption that the person we need to reach when marketing and selling to schools is the person who signs the PO. While that person obviously wields a lot of power, they are rarely (if ever) the only person involved in the purchasing decision. Connecting with influencers is critical to success in education sales. Are you ignoring people who could make or break a sale for you?

Who Does What in Schools and Districts?

school job titlesThere are a lot of different players in the education market and to be successful selling to schools you need to know who's involved in purchasing decisions for products like yours. Take a look at some of the more common roles and responsibilities education professionals have at the school and the district level and use the information to refine your sales and marketing strategies