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Five Keys to RFP Success in the K-12 School Market

K-12 Special Education

RFPs (Request for Proposals) are a fact of life for anyone who sells to schools. And, experienced K-12 sales and marketingprofessionals will tell you, chasing RFPs can be a "rat hole" unless you have a policy and set of procedures in place to manage the. Here are five timely tips, and more, to help you navigate sometimes rough RFP waters and save yourself a lot of time and frustration.
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A Really Special K-12 Sales Opportunity!

K-12 Special EducationConsidering ways to grow your K-12 sales? Scanning the market for new opportunities with school administrators? Look no further than the rapidly developing market for products that meet the needs of students with different kinds of minds!  Educators are hungry for instructional resources adapted to the needs of all students. Those companies that adopt an inclusionary mindset will be winners!
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PTOs and PTAs: Could They Ignite Your Education Marketing Plan?

Do you think PTOs and PTAs could help sell your product or service to schools? Yes, these organizations can be a great resource in your plan for marketing to schools, but they can also be maddeningly enigmatic. What works and what doesn't when connecting with parent organizations?
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How to Get Ahead Of Your School Market Competition

K-12 SalesSchool administrators are tired of stale and boring sales presentations. What they see and hear from those who have a product or service to sell is much the same. After hearing the same pitch over and over, they may be confused and unsure why to choose one product over another. Here's the good news. By developing and delivering a unique experience to education decision-makers, you can rise above the noise of your competitors.
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Education Market Leadership Series: Part 1 of 6

If you are a leader of a K-12 market company, you know these are challenging and uncertain times. Does it seem like you are being tossed about in a perfect storm with unpredictable choppy seas? if so, then now is the time for you to tap into the expert advice in our six-part executive leadership series How Does Your Company Adapt With the Education Market in Rapid Flux? with leadership consultant Joe Caruso. He provides practical advice and a simple exercise, a great way to begin a process to refocus your precious resources.
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Five Ways an Advisory Group Can Accelerate Your K-12 Sales

educator advisory groupInvesting to create and then enlist the help of a group of advisors is a proven method to gain credibility and to open the doors for sales of your products to educators. What do advisory groups typically do, and how does their work translate into revenue? An education marketing veteran offers perspective on this important topic.
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Six Steps to Plan for Success in the K-12 Education Market

School Sales PlanDo you have a sales plan for your K-12 business? Most managers say, "Yes" when asked this important question. But often those plans fall short of what is needed to drive sales and focus activity and investments. According to two K-12 industry experts, a solid education market sales plan has six components, not to be overlooked.
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