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Selling to School Districts: the Unhittable Pinata?

Selling to School DistrictsSelling to school districts may seem like the pinata game. You swing wildly hoping to get access to the candy inside. But for newcomers and veterans alike, trying to engage with district decision makers oft feels like we are blindfolded. How can you remove the blinders and see how to win the game? Is it possible to reliably and consistently get the reward you deserve for your wonderful product and your good efforts?
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K-12 Channel Marketing: A Lost Art and Opportunity

K-12 SalesContent marketing is all the rage. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, tried and proven channel marketing programs are out to pasture. K-12 sales and marketing managers don't understand the concept, have not fully embraced it, or are afraid to make the move. Here's a really easy move to make. Take ten minutes to read this article and discover the amazing power of channel marketing programs to boost your sales.

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A Really Special K-12 Sales Opportunity!

K-12 Special EducationConsidering ways to grow your K-12 sales? Scanning the market for new opportunities with school administrators? Look no further than the rapidly developing market for products that meet the needs of students with different kinds of minds!  Educators are hungry for instructional resources adapted to the needs of all students. Those companies that adopt an inclusionary mindset will be winners!
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How to Get a Bigger Slice of the K-12 Sales Pie

K-12 Market SegmentsReally focusing your sales and marketing plan may seem counterintuitive. But doing the hard work to choose the right slice of the K-12 market pie is not only a good idea, it is an essential success factor unless you have unlimited resources. Segment analysis and target marketing is all about people and making the right connections. Here are some valuable tips and practical advice you can take to the bank.
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K-12 Sales: From Pilot to Adoption

It's a huge education marketing and K-12 sales challenge. A school district agrees to experiment with your product, maybe with a small opening order. A few classrooms will be a test lab. How do you ensure that this product pilot leads to a big sale with widespread use that drives customer loyalty, referrals and market share?
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How to Staff Your Education Conference Exhibits for Success

educator conferencesConference exhibits have traditionally been a "sacred cow" for anyone who is serious about marketing to schools. It's the last item that gets cut from the marketing budget. But now, every penny of your marketing budget is being examined, and trade shows are under the microscope again. One proven way to improve your sales results from educator conferences is to optimize your exhibit staff. Sage advice: Don't assume the staffing plan you had for previous conferences is the right way to go.
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Education Sales Promotions or Education Marketing Programs - Which Work Better?

School Sales MethodsHow best to drive sales given today’s tight economy and pressure to deliver revenue? It’s a timely topic and sometimes an argument whether to invest in sales or education marketing programs. Your decision should be based on evidence and the big differences in sales results you can expect over the long haul. If you insist on results, then you need to study this piece carefully.
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