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Federal Education Policy and Funding: The Latest and Greatest

Fiscal year 2018 education budgetThe fiscal year 2018 federal budget is finally set. How did education fare? Pretty well, and certainly better than many had expected. Washington insider Doug Mesecar dives into the budget and shares where states will be getting their funds this year as well as takes a look at what's coming to light in the state ESSA plan approval process. Take a closer look at funding and policy

Schools Are About to Close, Now What?

K-12 school close dates 2018Summer is almost here! While students and teachers may be leaving the classroom for a few months, school sales and marketing will still be going strong through the dog days of summer. Take a look at when most U.S. schools are closing and get tips on how to maximize your interactions with educators once that final bell rings.

Principal Purchasing: The Ins and Outs

principal purchasingHow do schools make purchases? What's the process and who's involved? Principal Jennifer Little shares the ins and outs of how principals make decisions, when they buy, and more! Listen to what the principal has to say

Sales Secrets Revealed: How K-12 School Districts Make Buying Decisions

K-12 sales secretsHow, why, and when K-12 district administrators make buying decisions depends on their needs, priorities, local politics, budget impact, the type of product or service being offered and, most importantly, relationships. It's a complex market but veteran K-12 sales person, Glen McCandless, does have a few secrets to share!

Cracking the Code to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

coding and critical thinkingCoding is being used as a way to build students' critical thinking and problem solving skills — both essential to success in the jobs of the future. Learn how an EdTech educator has seen coding used in the classroom and ways education businesses can help teachers integrate coding more easily. Discover classroom coding secrets

A Helpful Hashtag Lesson for Education Companies: And How To Use Them

#hashtagThe secret to successfully connecting with educators on Twitter is hashtags. They're the magnet that draws interested educators to your conversation and content. Becca Ryan with EMC7 shares how to master the mysterious world of hashtags. Start your Twitter hashtag tutorial

Use Data to Drive Your Education Marketing Decisions

data driven marketing tipsGone are the days of one-size-fits-all-marketing. Gathering, analyzing and using data about your prospective customers is critical to making sure your marketing communications show up in the right place, at the right time, in front of the right educators. Eliminate the guesswork around marketing and sales outreach.

You’re Going to the Principal’s Office! Make Sure You Carry the Right Message

messaging by educator roleLike any business or organization, there are many roles and responsibilities within a school. What one educator cares about may be of little consequence to another educactor's job. When crafting your marketing and sales messages be sure you're telling the right stories to the right people or risk ending a conversation before you've even begun. Take a look at the messaging dos and don'ts for 5 key job titles in schools

3 Things Every Digital Learning Tool Must Have to Support Personalized Learning

digital learning tools to support personalized learningNearly every state has districts that have undertaken personalized learning initiatives. Teachers need technology tools that impact the purpose, process, and products of a lesson so they can personalize education for their students. Curriculum and Instruction Specialist Craig Perrier elaborates on how edtech vendors can support personalized learning

Promoting and Marketing Curriculum for Varied Instruction

school market translation guideThe K-12 school market can seem like a foreign land at first. 20-year teacher-librarian Teresa Marchant helps decode the language of educators and provides insight into a few of the things you need to take into consideration when developing and selling products for the school market. Check out Teresa's translation guide for ed vendors