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Selling to provides expert advice for generating response and engaging with buyers of products and services used in schools. We address the full range of education marketing strategies for producing a reliable, steady flow of sales opportunities from teachers and school administrators. You'll get practical tips for direct marketing, conference exhibit marketing, and e-marketing (web, email, and social media).

Educators Rate ISTE Exhibits: What's Your Score?

Mystery Shopper Education Conference ExhibitsWhat did educators experience when they visited exhibits at one of the education industry's most important events? Here are the results of our Mystery Shopper program at a recent ISTE conference. Our judges offer important education marketing insight along with our expert analysis and advice to help ensure your future success at trade shows.
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PTOs and PTAs: Could They Ignite Your Education Marketing Plan?

Do you think PTOs and PTAs could help sell your product or service to schools? Yes, these organizations can be a great resource in your plan for marketing to schools, but they can also be maddeningly enigmatic. What works and what doesn't when connecting with parent organizations?
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Education Marketing Update: How to Reach K-12 Administrators

Sell District AdministratorsGetting the attention of busy district administrators has always been a challenge. Engaging with "C-level" decision-makers is more important than ever according to a recent survey commissioned by District Administration magazine.  What's behind the trend toward more centralized purchasing decisions in our school districts?  Could print ads be the way to attract the interest of the decision makers you want to reach?
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If I (Only) Had 100 Education Marketing Dollars

School Marketing BudgetAre you hoping to drive school sales but have a very small marketing budget? Many education marketing managers, especially those entering the K-12 school market, wonder how to get the best bang for the buck. What if you only had a $100 to spend? Does this sound crazy? For some, yes. But for many folks out there, this is about the amount they are willing to gamble to generate awareness and leads for school sales. And, for all of us, evaluating the marketing spend is always a best practice. Here's sage advice on where to place your bet.
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How to Drive K-12 Sales in a Web-Centric World

education marketingEveryone who sells products or services to educators is riding a tidal wave of change in media. The number of digital publications educators engage with eNewsletters, online magazines, and social media outlets is exploding. It's time to adapt and adopt public relations strategies that leverage these channels and create new opportunities for sales of your products and services.
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Boost Your Education Conference Exhibit Success With a Pre-Conference Briefing

exhibit marketingOne of the best ways to get more and higher quality sales leads from your education conference exhibits is to set aside time for a pre-conference briefing with the exhibit staff. With respect to everyone's time and attention, what topics are most important to cover, and how can you facilitate the meeting so everyone leaves pumped up and ready for success?
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Why Time-Tested Education Marketing Still Fits

Education MarketingYou've worked hard to create great products and your website. Now, how do you engage educators to use both and recommend your company to their peers? Surprisingly, many of the old education marketing techniques still work and are the ideal complement to email and social media.
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How to Staff Your Education Conference Exhibits for Success

educator conferencesConference exhibits have traditionally been a "sacred cow" for anyone who is serious about marketing to schools. It's the last item that gets cut from the marketing budget. But now, every penny of your marketing budget is being examined, and trade shows are under the microscope again. One proven way to improve your sales results from educator conferences is to optimize your exhibit staff. Sage advice: Don't assume the staffing plan you had for previous conferences is the right way to go.
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School Marketing Tip: How to Get More from Your Trade Show Investments

school marketing trade showsAn effective trade show strategy should include your commitment to the members of the sponsoring professional association all year long. Here is practical advice to supercharge your trade show results.
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A Fantastic Education Marketing Program: An Army of Students Selling Your Product

Marketing to schools studentsThe ultimate strategy for marketing to schools is to use your customers as a channel. This strategy has been used successfully for many companies that sell to schools. Now, here's is a flavor that you may not have heard of before. It's a spin on using student reps that has the potential to create excitement and elevate your brand to the top of the heap.
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