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Selling to provides expert advice for generating response and engaging with buyers of products and services used in schools. We address the full range of education marketing strategies for producing a reliable, steady flow of sales opportunities from teachers and school administrators. You'll get practical tips for direct marketing, conference exhibit marketing, and e-marketing (web, email, and social media).

Use Data to Drive Your Education Marketing Decisions

data driven marketing tipsGone are the days of one-size-fits-all-marketing. Gathering, analyzing and using data about your prospective customers is critical to making sure your marketing communications show up in the right place, at the right time, in front of the right educators. Eliminate the guesswork around marketing and sales outreach.

Teachers are people too.

teachers are people tooConnecting with teachers as people is critical to building trust and opening dialogue. When it comes to social media, or any other marketing channel, make sure your guiding principles are honesty and integrity. When you want them to learn how to buy your product, don't pretend that's not what you want. Treat teachers like you want to be treated

More Than a Handshake: How to Really Connect with Educators at Conferences

conference marketingIt's conference season again in the K-12 education market. Before you and your sales team hit the road, check out these best practices to ensure authentic interactions on the show floor and a healthy list of leads to take home. Hone your conference marketing skills!

3 Hot K-12 Trends and Implications for Ed Tech Sales and Marketing

Edtech trends for 2018What are the trends in K-12 education you need to be aware of as we head into the new year? Selling To Schools founder, Glen McCandless, takes a look at data from the 2017 K-12 Horizon Report and has identified three trends that are likely to have the biggest impact on your business. Check out Glen's predictions

Social Media and Educators: To Like or Not to Like?

social media and educatorsSocial media, with its emphasis on connectivity and the free exchange of information, is an environment ready-made for educators. 78% of teachers report that they use social media for everything from lesson plans to support from their peers. Learn how to put social media to work for your business.

How to Create Emails That Entice Educators to Engage

Email marketing to educatorsIt’s every education marketer’s goal to craft marketing campaigns that generate high response. A big part of doing that is selecting the right channels to reach your audience. For many educators, email is one of their most trusted sources for gathering information about education products and services. Find out how to make email work for your business.


Educator Audience Personas: A Critical Step to Education Marketing Success

Educator audience personasAudience personas are a building block of effective marketing. Creating these profiles of your ideal customer help you get inside their minds and create content that resonates, generates response and creates higher return on your marketing investments. Get to know your target audience

Target a Growing Market for Growing Learners: Opportunities in Early Childhood Education

early childhood marketResearch confirms the importance of early learning in shaping students’ success in elementary school and beyond. A stronger focus on early childhood education at the federal, state and district level opens up new opportunities for your business, so don’t get left behind! Take a look at the early childhood market

5 Ways to Market Stronger to Teachers This School Year

While teachers may not sign the check for major district-wide purchases, they spend an average of $468 of their own money on supplies and resources for their classrooms. They also directly influence buying decisions. No matter what role teachers play in the education purchasing funnel — decision maker or influencer — it’s important to reach out to teachers with timely, targeted messaging that explains who you are, what you have to offer and how you can make lives easier in their schools. Maximize your relationships with teachers!

Is Email an Effective Sales Tool in Education?

email marketing to educatorsYou may think that generating leads through email is a responsibility reserved for the marketing team. Think again. These days, sales and marketing go hand-in-hand, and email can benefit both departments. And despite claims that email is dead, it continues to be one of the top channels to engage with educators. Get the facts!