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School market experts offer insight and advice on a wide range of important high-level topics that you need to consider as you expand your organization, create new products and develop your go-to-market plans. This advice will guide decisions that will have enormous impact on your company's future. Included is expert guidance about human resources, strategic planning, market trends, channel strategy, partnerships, and niche market opportunities.

3 Reasons Why Successful Product Implementation is Critical to Your K-12 Sales Success

ed tech product implementation strategiesIn the school market, closing the sale isn't the end of the sales process. More than likely, you're now going to have to ensure the end users of the products you've sold become frequent, dedicated users. That's where product implementation comes into play. Learn how product implementation can make or break your company

EdTech Field of Dreams: If You Build It, Will They Come?

K-12 Special Education

The ed tech industry has operated believing "Build It and They Will Come!" It reminds us of the famous movie Field of Dreams and that most memorable line. We love our products and believe that educators will find out about them somehow and then send in their purchase orders! We underinvest in building our brands and driving interest. What's the story? Why have we struggled to charge onto the real field of success?
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How to Get a Bigger Slice of the K-12 Sales Pie

K-12 Market SegmentsReally focusing your sales and marketing plan may seem counterintuitive. But doing the hard work to choose the right slice of the K-12 market pie is not only a good idea, it is an essential success factor unless you have unlimited resources. Segment analysis and target marketing is all about people and making the right connections. Here are some valuable tips and practical advice you can take to the bank.
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What You Need To Know About Selling Services to School Administrators: Part Two

Marketing to SchoolsSelling learning services to school districts is an important trend you shouldn't miss. Free products are shifting the competitive landscape and may be a good reason to retool and reshape your competitive position. What steps can you take now to build your brand and growth strategy around services offerings?
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What You Need To Know About Selling Services to School Administrators

Sell District AdministratorsThe education industry is in the midst of a major paradigm shift -- a disruption in our business model. Free products are challenging traditional sales and marketing rules. Pressure is mounting to find new sources of revenue, and many say selling services is an important trend. You may be blinded by what is happening or you may be looking for some clarity. What is going on and what examples can we look to to begin to refocus and reshape our businesses to ensure future success?
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The Hidden Challenge Facing Education Industry Managers

K-12 SalesHow will your company grow and prosper in the "new normal" K-12 sales environment? An important strategy is a focus on helping your customers and prospects manage change, perhaps a hidden challenge. Three big changes are impacting your customers' decisions right now: here are four steps you can take today to move along the pathway of success.
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Education Market Leadership Series: Part 5 of 6

K-12 SalesYou really want to make an impact on education—right? But are you sometimes frustrated when you try to persuade prospects or coworkers and they dig in their heels? Like many of us who serve the school market, you may be focusing on information over style as your way to change someone else's mind. Forget it—you can't change someone else's mind. Paying attention to this rule of engagement will help you move the needle toward your goals. Here's valuable advice from the K-12 market's top leadership coach.
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Education Market Leadership Series: Part 4 of 6

education market biasWhat your team members and your K-12 prospects think and feel — their biases — are impacting your results right now. As you rush through your day, chasing revenue quotas and pushing for action, your team and your prospective customers process your presentations and interpret your instructions based on what they think is right.  What you think is right may not respect the desire of others. Right or wrong, this basic rule of engagement and your understanding of how to apply could make or break your goals. Read what a top leadership coach has to say.
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Education Market Leadership Series: Part 3 of 6

Education Sales DemoYour product demo can make or break the sale, so why not be sure you do it at just the right time in your sales process, with the very best perspective, and with the power to drive new business? This may not seem like a leadership issue, but it is. The Four Rules of Engagement, introduced in this third article of the Education Market Leadership Series, are basic principles that need to be modeled by anyone who is leading for success.
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Education Market Leadership Series: Part 2 of 6

Education MarketingAs a leader of a K-12 market company, you know our market is turbulent. But in the midst of rapid change, have you taken time to reassess your sales and marketing strategy? In this second article in our Education Market Leadership Series titled How Does Your Company Adapt When Markets Are in Rapid Flux? leadership coach and consultant Joe Caruso suggests a step-by-step process your leadership team can use to reassess core strategies and regain contol.
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