Selling to Parents

To Influence the Biggest Decisions, Reach Out to the Ones Not Making Them

influencers of school purchasingIt's a natural assumption that the person we need to reach when marketing and selling to schools is the person who signs the PO. While that person obviously wields a lot of power, they are rarely (if ever) the only person involved in the purchasing decision. Connecting with influencers is critical to success in education sales. Are you ignoring people who could make or break a sale for you?

PTOs and PTAs: Could They Ignite Your Education Marketing Plan?

Do you think PTOs and PTAs could help sell your product or service to schools? Yes, these organizations can be a great resource in your plan for marketing to schools, but they can also be maddeningly enigmatic. What works and what doesn't when connecting with parent organizations?
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Education Channel Alert: The Homeschool Market--Part 3 of 3

Homeschool marketLooking to connect with homeschoolers who may be interested in your products? In Part 3 of our homeschool series, we explore opportunities for you at curriculum fairs and conventions where crowds of homeschool parents visit exhibits and evaluate curricular materials.
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Education Channel Alert: The Homeschool Market--Part 2 of 3

homeschool marketingDo you want to bring your product or service to the attention of the homeschool market? In part two of our homeschool series, we take a look at an integral part of many homeschooling families: the support group. To be successful, you’re going to need to know the functions and approaches to work with these groups.
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Education Channel Alert: The Homeschool Market--Part 1 of 3

Looking for neHomeschool marketw sales opportunities? How about the homeschool market? It's a rapidly growing channel. But is your product or service right for homeschoolers? You need to first learn about homeschoolers to answer this question. And that's the gist of this first of three articles designed to arm you with expert homeschool insights.
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