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PTOs and PTAs: Could They Ignite Your Education Marketing Plan?

Do you think PTOs and PTAs could help sell your product or service to schools? Yes, these organizations can be a great resource in your plan for marketing to schools, but they can also be maddeningly enigmatic. What works and what doesn't when connecting with parent organizations?
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NCLB Waivers Create New Opportunities for K-12 Sales

K12 Reading MarketLearn how changes in the federal No Child Left Behind program will impact your K-12 school sales and education marketing program in states that have been awarded waiver status. The rules are changing. As you develop your education market sales plan, you need to factor in the states that have been awarded waivers and the key elements of each state’s waiver plan.
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Should Pre-K Be Part of Your Education Marketing Plans?

Education Marketing PlansThe Pre-K segment of the school market is expanding four times faster than the K-12 market as a whole. For some of you, early childhood education spells opportunity. How do you decide if investing to pursue the Pre-K niche makes sense for your education marketing plans? A good place to start is by listening to a Pre-K expert's assessment of funding and trends.
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Broken Bank: How Florida's Budget Crisis May Affect Your Education Marketing Plans

Education Marketing Budget Florida has been an educational technology leader and is a priority state for many companies that sell to schools. But now Florida is in the midst of a budget crisis. How will your sales be impacted? What adjustments should you make to your education marketing plans? Jim Warford, Executive Director of the Florida Association of School Administrators, has answers.
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Alternative Financing: A Solution to the K-12 Budget Crunch?

Selling To Schools and School FundingWhat new funding ideas could school sales managers and education marketing staff consider when faced with a severe K-12 budget shortfall? Here’s a timely interview with Bob Heimbrock, VP at PNC Finance, a technology product financing expert who has experience and understanding of how to sell the solution to school administrators.
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The Budget Crisis: What to Expect From School Boards Now

Selling to Schools with School BoardWhat's going on with school boards in light of drastic budget shortfalls and increased accountability? What about political changes -- what impact do election years have on school board behavior? Education-market veteran Craig Greenwood shares advice from the front lines of selling to schools along with tips and ideas for avoiding surprises. Here is an interview with STS founder Glen McCandless. 
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What to Say When Your Prospects Say, "Sorry, No Budget."

moneyIt doesn't take much education market research to know that K-12 school budgets have been slashed. School administrators say they do not have the funds they need to buy your product or service. Is this situation slowing your school sales? How do you respond?
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Find Sources of Data for the K-12 School Market

We provide descriptions and links to the major online sources of market statistics about schools, funding, and surveys on the latest buying habits of students, teachers, and administrators in the K-12 market.